SmartAssistantAI is a virtual assistant for your company and makes it possible to generate answers based on local data.

Talk to your documents through AI

Our SmartAssistantAI is based on a large language model (LLM) and uses advanced NLP algorithms to answer any questions based on all files and documents that you have ever uploaded as part of the company. The special feature here is that the content and uploaded files remain permanently local and our AI solution neither hallucinates nor generates ethically incorrect answers. This gives you quick access and overview of all company knowledge, based on uploaded to receive documents.

Generative answers

SmartAssistantAI formulates generative answers that are not limited to rules and offers a high level of contextual understanding through Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to answer any question in the best possible way.

Internal document search

SmartAssistantAI provides quick access to all of the company's documents ever uploaded. This could be data, manuals or customer data, for example.


Our SmartAssistantAI generates ethically correct answers and there are no hallucinations because the answers are based only on uploaded files.Through local data usage, which is linked to our advanced AI solution, all content remains local and offers the highest level of security for companies. This ensures help with data management, but also security at the same time. If SmartAssistantAI does not find information in the available data, it does not provide an answer or, for example, refers to a telephone number.


SmartAssistantAI provides a link that provides information about the respective source that was used to answer the user's question. This makes it possible to see directly where and from which uploaded information the answer comes.


  • Local data processing
  • Generative responses
  • No hallucinations
  • Ethically correct answers
  • Internal document search
  • Virtual assistant for employees and companies
  • High data security through ISO certifications
  • Compatible with all text and image file types

Use cases for the Futurised SmartAssistantAI

Direct customer service

Using historical data, scheduled releases, service outages, vacation times and other factors, ForecastAI allows you to predict how many incidents or service tickets will be received via different channels such as phone, mail or SMS. This allows you to predict resource utilization and demand in near real-time and improve customer satisfaction.

Knowledge management

The SmartAssistantAI can be used in all industries for any information search. It collects all the information and data from the given sources and answers questions and then provides the information to the user.we can read data in any text format.


In banking, SmartAssistantAI can manage the entire knowledge of complex website data, manuals, customer files or documents and provide generic answers to individual questions about the information. Local data processing means that data security is permanently guaranteed.



SmartAssistantAI is a virtual assistant for your company and makes it possible to generate answers based on local data.

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