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Document processing

Transform your document processing with InfoExtractAI: Our advanced solution processes handwritten and sub-structured data in all languages with the highest precision. Seamlessly integrated into any system, InfoExtractAI revolutionizes your business processes without requiring you to change the way you work. Maximize your efficiency and global operations - effortlessly and uncompromisingly.

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Language model services

Perfect your NLP skills with our innovative platform: discover the power of Agent AI for first-class customer service, use SmartChatbotAI for efficient, automated customer interactions and revolutionize your knowledge management with SmartAssistantAI. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, optimizes processes and offers tailored support for various use cases. Experience how our NLP technologies can transform your business processes - intelligent, flexible and without any compromise.


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More than 20,000 employees are already relieved of their daily tasks by Futurised. Find out here which solutions are already making a decisive difference in companies today!

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